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Jackiegene's Hairstudio is a full service salon that does men and women and children's hair.  All are welcome! We always take walk-ins so please stop by!

What kind of service do you receive at Jackiegene's Hairstudio? Nothing but the best full hair service without the high cost! We would be more than glad to serve you and your family in all your hair care needs. Please feel free to call for an appointment!


Jackie Ashton-Bertils (Owner)

Hello, my name is Jackie Ashton-Bertils. I have done hair for 33 years. For 26 years I worked for Great Clips around the Twin Cities, then opened my own salon Jackiegene's Hairstudio in 2009. Jackiegene's Hairstudio is a combination of my name and my dad's name combined. I have always been very close to my parents and decided to name my salon after me and my dad since I was named after him as well. Prices and services that I provide are below or under the Services page.

Call 651-784-2100 to set up an appointment!


Jackie wagner (Manager/stylist)

Hello, my name is Jackie Wagner. I am independently renting here at Jackiegene's Hairstudio. I have been doing hair for 36 years and worked in full service salons in the north-metro for many years.

Call 651-784-6260 to set up an appointment or to find out about pricing and services!



Our Services


~Hair services~

  • Adults $19.00

  • Kids $16.00

  • Seniors $16.00

  • Beard Trim $5.00

  • Neck Trim $5.00

  • Towel Treatment $5.00

  • Iron Finish w/ Cut +$5.00

~hair color services~

  • Color Retouch (Refresh ends Med/Long +$10.00) $47.00

  • 10 Pack Foil $36.00

  • 20 Pack Foil $46.00

  • Partial Foil $55.00

  • Full Foil (Each Add'L Foil Color +$10.00 $67.00

  • Cap Highlight $35.00

  • Color-gloss Treatment $23.00

  • Toner w/ Highlight $10.00






~Waxing services~

  • Eyebrow $10.00

  • Upper Lip $7.00

  • Chin/Neck $7.00


~Perm services~

  • Partial Perm $52.00

  • Short Hair Perm $63.00

  • Long Hair Perm $65.00+

~Conditioning Treatments~

  • Moisturizing $17.00

  • Rebuilding $30.00

  • Wash Iron Finish $20.00



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Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have or to schedule a appointment! Please allow up to 24 hours to respond due to the amount of emails that we receive. If you would like to schedule a appointment please call us and schedule it with us over the phone. If you have want to know more about us or see if we are right for you please fill out the information below and we will get back to you as soon at we can!